Wednesday, 7 May 2008

What to Order in an Italian Coffee Bar

Ordering a coffee in an Italian coffee bar can be intimidating. Below is a list of types of Italian coffee which you can find at any coffee bar in Italy.

A small, strong cup of coffee, or “espresso”.

Caffè Macchiato
A “stained” espresso, meaning an espresso with a few drops of milk. You can order a caffè macchiato “con latte freddo”, with cold milk, or “con latte caldo”, with steamed milk.

Caffè Doppio
A double espresso.

Caffè Lungo
An espresso made with double the amount of water, thereby making it weaker.

Caffè Stretto
An espresso made with less water – very strong!

Caffè Hag
A decaffeinated espresso

Caffè Americano
A strong American-style coffee served in a cup that is larger than an espresso cup but not as large as what you would get in America.

Caffeè Corretto
An espresso with a shot of cognac, grappa, amaro, baileys or other liquers.

Caffè Freddo
A cold espresso, normally served in a small, glass cup. You can also order a “caffè freddo con panna”, with whipped cream.

Caffè Latte
Normally served at breakfast, a caffè latte is a shot of espresso with an abundant amount of milk, served in a large glass.

An espresso made with steamed milk, served in a cappuccino cup. Normally served at breakfast.

Cappuccino Freddo
A cold espresso with cold milk, normally served in a mid-sized glass.

Caffè Marocchino
An espresso with a splash of steamed milk and cocoa powder.

Granita di Caffè
A slushy beverage made with iced espresso, separated by one or two layers of fresh whipped cream.

Caffè Shakerato
An espresso shaken with ice and cane sugar, often served in a martini glass. This is normally only consumed during the summer months.

Crema di Caffè (left photo)
An cold espresso blended with cream, topped with cocoa powder, served in a martini glass.

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