Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sunset at the Singita

Twenty-five minutes outside of Rome, there is a popular stretch of beach, called "Fregene". In terms of beauty, it does not compare to the wild, pristine beaches of Sardegna. Rather, it’s proximity to Rome makes Fregene conducive to over-crowding and somewhat murky waters. But what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for with its selection of trendy beach bars.
My favourite Fregene beach bar is the “Singita”. The Singita is known for two reasons. First, they created a new drink, appropriately called the "Singita". It is like a mojito with fresh strawberries and sugar cane, made with vodka rather than rum. It’s a bomb because of the insane amount of vodka that they use, yet somehow it tastes light and refreshing.
Second, trendy lounge music, comfortable garden furniture and large white sheets placed in the sand create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere – a build up to the main event: Sunset. Like New Year’s Eve, everyone makes sure they are ready for the big moment. As the sun begins to set, friends come together to enjoy a drink and complimentary appetizers. When the sun finally sets, everyone takes a moment to watch as the light disappear and then clap when sun disappears into the horizon. At this point, candles and torches are lit and the evening continues under the starlit sky. Sunset at the Singita always feels like the perfect end to the perfect day.

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